Friday, 27 February 2009


There has been a few articles in the national press about the benefits of baby signing recently. Research has shown that a baby that signs:
  • Speak earlier than non-signers
  • Experience less frustration
  • Develop larger vocabularies
  • Become better readers
  • Have IQ's that are at least 10-12 points higher
We started attending baby signing classes when the little ones were about 3 months old. I did feel that maybe they were a bit too young to benefit from the classes at the time, but they seemed to enjoy it so we carried on going. Additionally, it was nice for us to get out of the house and meet other mums and babies.
The first sign that they learnt was milk. This sign they started using when they were around 6 months old. They did not sign back at all until then and one day they both just decided that they wanted to let me know that it was milk-time !
After seeing them starting to sign, there was no turning back. I sign to them as often I can in everyday conversation and they now frequently sign to me when they want their nappies changed, go to sleep, want a biscuit, bread, water etc. It is extraordinary that they can at this age communicate with us in a way that we understand !
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