Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lola and James - Gorgeous Toddler Clothing

Part of the fun of having my own store is that I get to shop without guilt .... but there is always the temptation of keeping everything for my own little ones !

I ordered a few girls dresses and some boys tops from Lola and James for the shop a few weeks ago.

Lola and James, for those of you that don't know, is an eco-conscious American children's clothing brand that makes everything from vintage fabrics, sourced from around the world. Each piece that they make is totally unique. There is only ever one made of each style !

The order arrived today and they were absolutely gorgeous (thank god, because I never actually saw them before ordering. They are all made depending on material available). In fact, they were not just gorgeous, they were VERY gorgeous. Shame (or maybe lucky) my little ones are too young, I only ordered them in sizes 2-5 years .... otherwise I would have kept them all to myself !

To check them all out, click here .

Hope you you like them too. x


Anonymous said...

Love these, will be buying for my toddlers.

tc said...


Noah's Mommy said...

Super Stinking Cute