Monday, 30 March 2009

Poppy And Ned - Stylish Yet Comfortable Children's Clothing

We at Monsters and Munchkins love Poppy and Ned.
Poppy and Ned is an English brand that was launched just over a year ago and has done incredibly well here in the UK but also in the US, where it is sold in the infamous LA store Kitson Kids.

At Poppy and Ned, they believe in clothes that are stylish yet comfortable (like we do at Monsters and Munchkins) and best of all, there are no trains/fairies/princesses or castles in sight. We (like Poppy and Ned) believe that children's clothes needn't be overtly childish. Yes, children's clothes should be fun but does it really have to be emblazoned with slogans, trains or dolls ?!

We received the S/S09 stock about a week ago and it is already proving to be a success with our mums(and dads). The styles are simple, colours gorgeous and the materials used are wonderful, especially the merino wool range which is just amazing ! It is super soft and the styling so "classic". Love it !

I honestly love their entire S/S09 collection but if I must choose a few favourites (apart from the Merino collection) it'd have to be their Linen Shirt, scarves and tie for the boys and Pinafore dress, Swing-set and Pashmina for girls.

To see our entire Poppy and Ned collection, click here.

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