Friday, 17 April 2009

Chase n' Sky - Casually Gorgeous Girls' Clothing

I first came across Chase n' Sky at Bubble London last year. I had already done all the buying for Monsters and Munchkins' first season when I noticed Chase n' Sky's stand. I ended up buying quite a few things. It was too sweet to resist !

Lindsey O'neil-Myers is the designer behind this lovely girl's clothing brand. She launched it just a couple of years ago but is already hugely successful throughout US and many other countries.

Her clothing is casual yet elegant, feminine yet playful. Her palette is often very muted but with a splash of colour. Easy to wear, casual girls clothing at its best.

Check out Monsters and Munchkins to see my selection for this season.


kestrel said...

The attire looks really adorable with pretty pastel colours. Chanced on your blog - am going to bake your banana cake this weekend as the family is crazy on bananas. Will make it a fun project with daughter for some bonding time.

tc said...

I am baking banana cake right now actually. It has become a bit of a regular thing for me lately.... best (easiest/yummiest) way to use up left over bananas !