Sunday, 23 August 2009

Flying to Hong Kong

1st day in Hong Kong. Hot, humid and full of energy..... that about sums up what I think of Hong Kong so far.
11h35mins on a plane with 2 toddlers to get here. Is it worth the trip ??? Oh yes, absolutely ! I love Hong Kong. It really is a spectacular city ! Ok, I may be a bit biased but it really is a fab place ! Will try to find time to tell you all about our trip as often I can.

So back to the flight.... it was STRESSFUL . Last time we flew long-distance with the little ones was end of last year. It all went brilliantly well then but this time, it was quite different ! They were a bit more mobile, a bit more demanding now.
It all started off ok. They were reasonably settled to begin with and DD was put in the cot to sleep. She slept about 7 hours straight. DS, on the other hand was busy.... climbing everywhere, throwing everything on the floor, ripping books to pieces.... etc. But eventually, he also went to sleep but not for very long casue DD then woke up and decided it was time for him to play with her. She climbed onto his seat, screaming his name and poking his face. My very grumpy son was awake.

Watching them, making sure they were entertained, making sure they wouldn't get hurt, making sure they didn't disturb the other passengers (that were trying to sleep) ... a lot of making sure and very little relaxing or sitting back to enjoy the flight.
I didn't mind it too much , cause they were at least not crying... until towards the end of the flight when especially DS was extremely tired. He cried/screamed non-stop for at least an hour ! Nothing I could do, apart from calmly hold him and wait. He (they both) eventually fell asleep..... right before were about to land.

I made sure they kept to their routine once we arrived and they didn't go to bed until it was bedtime. Hopefully they get a full-night sleep and start feeling themselves again tomorrow. Me on the other hand, feel completely over-tired and jet-lagged....

ps. pic of me on bathroom floor at 3am , completely jet-lagged and unable to sleep but too worried about waking little ones up if I turned lights on in the room !


Kat said...

Sounds like me on a long haul. You have to post us some pictures of your trip, so exciting!

tc said...

will do.... as soon as I find my USB cable ! I remember packing it but where is it now ?????

Baby Not Included said...

At least your there now. Have a great time. Keep us all posted.