Monday, 5 October 2009

Date in Hong Kong - Sevva

Hot sticky weather, small hotel rooms, hyper-active (seemingly) children, millions of people EVERYWHERE, messed up feeding/napping schedules...... It can all feel a bit intense and can add to a lot of stress.
And what better way to relieve stress than having the grandparents baby-sit the little ones and go out for a martini or two with DH :-)

We had seen this place in magazines and heard about it from our friends but never been ourselves, so we decided to give it a try ! And oh my goodness, was it amazing !

Sevva, as the restaurant/bar is called, is located in Central (right next to the HSBC building). The drinks (water-melon martini... yum ! ) were fabulous and the view was just to die for ! We were supposed to just have one drink on the terrace before dinner but seemed such a waste to go inside to the restaurant (where there was less of a view) , so we had one drink, then another, then another after that I think ... until the waiter firmly insisted we went to our table or we will lose the booking.
Hesitantly we moved inside... which was in fact, just (almost at least) as stunning as the outside. The decor was very tastefully done and the detailing was immaculate... everything down to the cutlery and the menus, which were made out of butter-soft leather and shagreen.

There was a selection of modern Asian and European dishes to choose from, each one sounding as exciting as the other. We went for lobster spring roll for starter, topped with caviar and DH had a "simple" steak with an assortment of side orders for main, while I had a more adventurous beef cheek casserole. The food was absolutely heavenly ! Definitely one of the best meals I have ever had anywhere. The beef cheek was just incredible. ... just melted in my mouth like marshmallow.... mmm, just the thought of it makes my mouth water !

A bit on the pricey side but what a fabulous evening it was ! What a treat ! Everything was perfect !
I should really try and go on "dates" with DH more often .....but I know what will happen, when we get back home, life will just take over and we will not have time for each other again... sadly. But that's a whole other blogpost !

Ps. I double checked. Kids allowed onto the terrace and restaurant ... should you ever want to bring your children there.

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