Sunday, 25 October 2009

Welcome PR-girl !

Now when all the winter stock has arrived and I have finally managed to get them all posted online, it is time to get some PR/marketing going, just so that I can make sure that as many people as possible get to see what fabulous stuff we have in-store.

I have been trying to tackle this all by my self (with some occasional help from DH ) since we launched the website last year but I have finally come to realize that I can not do it anymore. There are too many other things going on at the moment, constantly trying to source new exciting stock, photographing and uploading all new stock, organizing events, designing the new Jakeandmaya collection, overseeing production (and of course twitter and facebook!!!) ..... and on top of it all, two toddlers approaching their terrible twos to look after 24/7 !
So I decided to hire someone to help me out. Welcome on board PR-girl :-)

It feels so nice (I already feel much less stressed-out) knowing that even when I am too occupied doing other things, she will still be on top of the PR, speaking to people, organizing editorials, sorting out press-releases and most importantly making sure that I get organized and get everything to the press on-time ! Why did I wait this long to get someone to help ?!

She is great and so unbelievably enthusiastic ! There is no sitting around chatting and just wasting time with her ! As soon as she started her first day, she demanded that we go out and have an impromptu photo-shoot, as she needed an image IMMEDIATELY.

So off we went, photographer (DH), stylist (I), art-director (PR-girl) and the models (The Little Ones) and got her what she needed. If this is an indication of how she works, then you will be seeing a lot of us in the press in the upcoming months ! Very exciting and fun !

We have a lot of things planned for the next few months. Fairs, competitions, special offers....

So do follow our blog or twitter @mnstrsnmnchkns so I can keep you updated !

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