Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Baby Show, Excel London

With Bubble London over and done with, it is time to prepare for the next "event".... before I get bored (ie. have too much time to enjoy life and do things that I love doing ! ).
We will be participating The Baby Show for the first time at Excel London.
Our stand, B11, will be at the exclusive Baby Boutique area .... exciting !

Ordered in a bunch of really sweet/adorable/cute/wonderful/unique baby clothing, toys and accessories for the show. Can't wait to show you all !

Please do come by to say hi if you are going.

PS. I still have a few tickets left for the show. Leave me a comment if you would like me to send you a couple.



fizzgig said...

Hi, we would love to come to the show - could you stretch to 3 tickets please if you have any spare??

Lovely things on your website and will definitely come visit the stall!

Thank you...

tc said...

Please e-mail me your address on