Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Princess and the Frog.

Now with the Christmas/new year celebrations well out of the way, winter sales are finally starting to slow down and Bubble London out of the way too, I finally "seem" to have some extra time to spend with the LOs without feeling stressed/guilty.

The day started well, with freshly made (by DH) pancakes and tons of strong coffee.and then after a couple of hours of trying to get myself and the LOs ready, we headed out to meet our lovely friend for lunch at Byron's. Delicious and surprisingly child friendly ! Children's 2 course menu £6. Not bad... Since the LOs really shouldn't have too much sugar, I had their scoop of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce as well as their brownie with my friend.... All for the best of the LOs :-)

Then after the lovely lunch, we crossed the road to the UGC cinema and watched Disneys latest release, The princess and the Frog.

I was slightly concerned about DD getting restless ( she generally can't sit still for more than 5 mins ever !) during the movie so had asked DH to come along, in case she needed to go out for a walk or something so I can stay with DS (who is a TV addict, so didn't think should be a problem ...). But I needn't worry at all, because DD behaved perfectly well, until she fell asleep !

The movie was lovely and very magical. Was such a nice "escape" , entering the world of the magical story of 2 frogs (a poor prince and a soon to become princess) fall in love.
And the LOs loved it too of course. DS was repeatedly saying: "more frogs", all the way to the car. Can't wait to take them to the next suitable movie..... We could all do with some magical fairy-tales every now and then !

The belief that the frog that we chose to be with, really will turn into a prince one day, is rather comforting, isn't it ?!

* Note. Ask the confectionery staff nicely for some pick n' mix bags for your own healthy snacks, to make it more special for the LOs.... without having to give them the more unhealthy options available there.

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