Friday, 30 April 2010

Vauxhall City Farm

I believe it is very important for Children to connect and learn about nature and animals but living in central London, it can sometimes be a struggle to find anything apart from ducks and pigeons in over-crowded parks.

Read somewhere, sometime ago, about Vauxhall City Farm and decided to give it a try.

This is how they describe themselves:
Vauxhall City Farm is an oasis in the heart of London, providing the local community and visitors from afar the opportunity to stay connected to nature and animals. Covering 1.5 acres of land, Vauxhall City Farm is home to over 80 animals, which provides a chance for Londoners to meet farm animals face to face from rare breed sheep and cows to animals from other regions of the world: our three lovely alpacas from South America via Devon!

Sounds fabulous I thought. Called a very dear friend of mine and arranged a picnic on the lawn in front of the farm with our little ones. Tuna pasta, ham and cheese sandwiches, kiwi, banana, apple juice, carrot sticks ..... MakkaPakka paper plates,cutlery,our lovely Gypsy Fleece Rug and off we went.

Beautiful day, sun was shining and we were excited to be going to a farm right in the middle of London !

As it turned out,picnic was lovely as there were a few horses around that kept the LOs happy but the farm was not as good as I expected/imagined (not knowing exactly how much space 1.5 acres is...). It was quite small, which I guess was a good thing as the LOs were able to pet the animals and run around, without me losing sight of them or having to chase them around.
There is also small communal garden/allotment area, as part of the farm, which you can visit too. Sweet.

Super friendly and placid rabbits, funny looking chickens and ducks, sweet alpacas, adorable new born baby goat and baby sheep.....all in all a rather nice experience, which made me realize that I really would like to move out of London and live somewhere a bit more "rural" ASAP.

Ps. Forgot to mention, they had a "milking cow" there too, if you wish to let your LO have a go at milking. DS loved it !

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