Monday, 26 July 2010

Shall we go Glamping ?!

School holiday time is now here and we are all (frantically) trying to find something to do with our LOs.

Local Parks - Tick
Local Zoo - Tick
Local Playgroups - Tick
Arts and Crafts Projects - Tick
Countless Play Dates - Tick
Go on holiday and play on a sunny beach - can not do it due to work commitments

After that I was beginning to run out of ideas.......and then I came across Goodwood Vintage !

It sounds so exciting ! A combination of fashion, music, film, art, design AND vintage shopping ! Couldn't be any better right ?! Now just have to convince DH that he really would love to go camping with us ! Hm... now, that could be somewhat tricky !

But as if by magic, Bambinogoodies sent this post about Belltent through.

Belltent is a a company that specializes in exactly what it says it does, bell tents !
They are incredible ! and check out their accessories !!! One word.... WOW ! I want to go camping now ! and tomorrow and maybe the day after that ! Why wouldn't you, if you had a fabulous tent like this ?! Will wait and see if DH feels the same as I do......

Ps. Coincidentally, Belltent have hotel tents for hire at Goodwood Vintage but at £2000 a room, I am wondering if it isn't a bit above our camping budget..... Looks incredible though !

Have you ever been to Goodwood Vintage ? What did you think ?
Do you have any fun camping stories to share ?? Maybe one that can help me convince DH to go with us ??

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Kat said...

I know - shocking prices! Stay tuned, will bring you far more affordable glamping options x