Sunday, 21 November 2010

Finding Inspiration In London' s Museums and Galleries

As the days are getting darker and colder, I have been trying to get myself (and the LOs ) inspired by visiting a whole bunch of museums and galleries lately. Some were better than others but the most fun one was by far " Move: Choreograph You" at Hayward Gallery, which consists of a series of installations created by influential visual artists and choreographers. It explores the historical, as well as, current connection between art, movement and the public.

What made it so good ?? Well, never have I been at an exhibition where one is expected/allowed to touch the exhibits ! The kids had an amazing time running through the various installations, climb on rings and even enjoyed a bit of hula hooping ! Luckily, I had some friends with me that day so they could help me keep an eye on at least one of the LOs... Usually when we go to exhibitions, they are pretty much confined to the buggy (trying to keep two unruly toddlers from touching or breaking exhibits can otherwise become quite stressful) but this one was all about taking part, so I had to let them go and explore and have fun, which they enjoyed as much as me !

Another fabulous exhibition (maybe less so for the LOs) is Diaghilev and The Golden Age of The Ballet Russes at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It showcased the work produced by Diaghilev during the early part of the 20th century, the importance of his work both within the dance world and the whole art world during that time. Ballet Russes was the most important dance company of the 20th century with various collaborations with important artists, musicians and designers like, Stravinsky, Chanel, Picasso etc.
Amazing costumes were on display, as well as, huge theatre cloths and showcases of Diaghilev's most important productions. Interesting exhibition for sure, not only for dance enthusiasts but also for anyone that is interested in theatre, fashion and life of the early 20th century.

I recently also went to see the Peter Rabbit exhibition there. It was lovely ! However, as everything was on display quite high up, the LOs didn't actually get to see that much of it from their buggy... and trying to lift them both up through the exhibition would have just been too tiring (It is amazing how fast the LOs grow !!!) ! But if you have only one LO to look after and carry, I really recommend it, as the drawings are really sweet and each one has a little story attached to it so it would be like reading a story book to them.

A great day to go to Victoria and Albert is on Friday evenings, when the gallery is open until 10 ! It has a lovely and lively feel there on Fridays, as the main entrance transforms itself to a bar/lounge with DJ around 7 pm and you can sit down, relax with a nice cocktail, a glass of wine or maybe some water as you admire the interior and the Roman sculptures right off the main lobby. Or if you (and/or the LOs) are feeling a bit peckish, you could also head to the main restaurant/bar at the back of the museum, where they serve hot food, snacks, as well as delicious cakes. Beautiful setting, and often with a live jazz band playing.
Fantastic way to spend a late afternoon/early evening with LOs, enjoying a bit of culture.....and if you don't fancy the Ballet Russes exhibition, you could just wander through the museum, which is all free.


pippa said...

We went up to London a few weeks ago to the Natural History museum to show my eldest who's 4 the dinosaurs. He loved it, especially the animated T'rex.

tc said...

yes, My LOs also love the Dinosaur museum (as they call it) Although... both of them are petrified of the T-rex and looks to the opposite direction all the way through. DD even blocks her ears. The little sleeping one at the exit though, they love and think is super cute.