Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chunky Crayola Crayons

Hurray, our crayons arrived today !
Being the impatient mum that I am, I opened the box and sat the little ones in their high-chairs to start drawing immediately.

They looked a bit sceptical to begin with and weren't sure what to do with these colourful "sticks". After spending a good 10-15 mins taking them out of the box to then put them back and several attempts on eating the crayons, they did start to draw on the paper they had in front of them.

As I was sitting there watching them, I kept wondering if they actually knew what they were drawing ? Was there a reason to why they chose a certain colour ? My DS was particularly keen on using the pink one. Is pink his favourite colour ? On the other hand, my DD preferred the darker tones of brown and black. What does this mean ?


A Modern Mother said...

Cute story! Little artists in the making. Caroyons are such a big part of my daughters' lives -- we have a huge tin of them.

tc said...

Thanks. Just ordered some more crayons today, so the little ones can both have their own set. Fighting and creativity don't mix... x