Sunday, 15 March 2009

Artwork No.1

What a beautiful day it was today !
Was hoping to go out for a walk early, right after breakfast but as ususal, didn't get going until about lunchtime. I really don't know how other people do it ! Once I get them fed, dress them, get myself is always at least midday.

Anyway, we went through Battersea Park and ended up going to The Affordable Artfair, an annual exhibiton of thousands of paintings and artwork from about 100 galleries around the world,priced between £50-£3000. It was quite a nice fair to visit, both child and dog friendly. They even had a creche ! However, we didn't use it, as the little ones were mostly asleep when we were there.

I am not sure how the recession has affected the art-world but there certainly seemed to be quite a lot art being sold. The wrapping queue was huge ! Unfortunately/fortunately, I did not see anything that I fancied buying. I wasn't really in the art-buying mood..... just felt like browsing. My husband spotted a few things that he liked though, so we will see....

Having been to the fair, I felt vaguely "inspired" so decided to gather the little ones and let them embark on their first piece of art together. I did order some crayons from the other day but they hadn't arrived yet so we used my chunky pastel pencils, which are used for portrait sketches, instead. Found a piece of spare cardboard and off we went.
I was not sure how they would like it, as I hadn't actually been doing any kind of drawing or painting with them before but they loved it. They were "drawing" like there was no tomorrow . Luckily, pastel pencils don't stain !

The result was great ( so I think anyway, but I am so totally biased....). We will certainly do this again but next time, when their crayons have arrived, we may create something a bit more colourful.

Will get their drawing framed and put on their wall tomorrow.


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