Monday, 27 April 2009

My Old Dutch - Worst Dinner Ever

Had a fabulous day out with the kids and weather was beautiful so I decided we should continue enjoying our day out and go out for dinner. Went by "My Old Dutch" on King's Road, London earlier during the day and saw a sign saying "all pancakes £5 on mondays" and thought it was a fabulous idea. The kids love pancakes ! DH came to join us for what he thought would be a fun dinner out.

I was so wrong. It was the worst dinner I have ever had ! Not because of the restaurant or its food, but because the little ones were both terrible ... They screamed and whined non-stop ! In the end, I had enough of the dirty looks given by the couples next to us and asked for the food to be packed in doggy bag and left.

I have always been so proud of the little ones' table manners. We have been to so many restaurants together and they were always perfect little angels.... until now. Maybe this is the beginning of the end ?

I brought toys to entertain them with. Ordered food for them in advance, in case they were hungry. I remained calm and tried everything to make them happy but nothing work !

As soon, as we got in the car to go home, they both laughed and were happy....

Nevertheless, I do recommend you take your kids to "My Old Dutch" if you haven't been. They have both savoury and sweet pancakes (I love cheese, ham and artichoke on mine). Relatively child-friendly and staff were very friendly and helpful, even though the little ones were being such nightmares.
However, I never figured out how the £5 deal worked, cause when our bill arrived, it definitely wasn't £5 a pancake !

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