Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy WAHM Feeling Bad

There are so many things happening in my life at the moment. There are about a million things to do for Monsters and Munchkins, I have to get Jakeandmaya SS10 collection ready for Bubble London, which is in a few weeks and on top of that my (and DH's) interior design company Y2DC is extremely busy at the moment too.

It is all very exciting and life is good but I feel bad.... for not being able to spend as much quality time with the little ones as I would like. Luckily they have each other, and spend a lot of time playing together but I really do wish I could do more things with them.

There are all these playgroups that I always intend to take them to but never have time to, and all these cool and fun places I want to take them... but also never have time to.... I just seem to spend a lot of time working (and on twitter... which is kind of work) !

I never realized what I was getting myself into when I one day, quite spontaneously, decided to start Monsters and Munchkins. I had an idea, I acted on that idea and here I am a year later.... having to figure out a way to balance work with looking after the little ones and making sure they are happy.

However, as much as I want to spend every single waking moment with the little ones, I am so grateful and happy that I am doing something for myself (ie. work... although, sometimes I do wish it was more like a massage or a facial !) and I think in truth, it is a good thing for them, learning to be "independent". I am not sure if it is becasue I am extremely lucky or because they don't know any different, as they very rarely "need" me. They are very happy on their own, doing their thing, leaving me to work.

The little ones are the inspiration behind my work. It is all because of them that I am doing what I am doing and it is because of them, that I love what I do. So, surely that means more than going to some silly playgroup, right ?!

Ps. They love trying clothes on, which is a big bonus, so we can spend time together working. (Note. See DD during a fitting session of toiles for SS2010 collection)

With so many WAHMs out there, I am definitely not the only one feeling the way I do but how do other people deal with their "guilt" and how do they balance work with looking after little ones ?

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