Thursday, 7 May 2009

Motherhood - The Most Stressful Job In The World

No wonder so many mums have nervous breakdowns ! Being a mum/parent is so stressful !

Not only do we have to be there to feed them (what seems like 100 times a day) and keep them dry and clean but we also have to be there to teach them everything they are supposed to learn AND on top of all that, most importantly, keep them safe and away from danger.

Having little toddlers is great fun but definately isn't easy ! We have to watch them every single second, 24 hours a day ! You relax and look away for just one second and something can happen ... and with the two of them running around, this can sometimes be difficult.

In just a few hours DS managed to hurt his leg when getting it stuck to his bed, falling off a sofa, falling on his face when he slipped on the floor (blood was gushing out of his little nose !) as well as, falling off his new walker and banged his head. DD, she "only" cut her finger on a toy and almost choked on a pea at dinner.
I mean, how can so many little accidents happen in just one day ?! Thankfully, between all this, they had a couple of naps so I could de-stress .... but thank god the day is almost over, before something really bad happens !

From being possibly the most relaxed mum in the world, that believes in letting little ones get on with their "stuff", I can sense myself becoming more tense and nervous by the day. How much of a nervous wreck will I become by the time they are teenagers ??!

So this is why my MIL and mum are both over-protective of the little ones ? Because they have been there, done it and know what can happen when they look away ?


Lynn Hogg said...

It is so true and must be worse with twins. Don't worry by the time they are 4 or 5 they may even play together for 5 minutes without killing each other or wrecking the house!

Bernadette said...

Your picture brought back memories for me! My two "babies" are 25 and 28. Being a mom is very stressful, and I'm sure you know, very rewarding! Moms and MILS can seem to be overprotective because we've gone thru all the stuff you are experiencing, and see things that "might" happen!! All the best to you and your little ones.