Thursday, 30 July 2009

Life will never be the same again.

Finally on our way to New York ! Will be spending the next 10 days there sourcing for Monsters and Munchkins , as well as, introducing Jakeandmaya S/S2010 to the US market.

We (DH and I are both going) will be away from our children, for more than a few hours, for the first time since they were born almost 20 months ago !
They will be in the very safe hands of their wonderful grand-parents but my/our feelings are still very mixed.
On one hand, it is lovely to be on our own for a while and be able to spend some quality time together (although we will be working most of the time… ) but on the other hand we already really miss the little ones and wish that they were with us. I even miss having to worry about potential in-flight tantrums etc. Feels kind of strange being able to just sit back and be free to do whatever I want, without anything to organise or to worry about !

I remember once, someone told me when I was pregnant: “Your life will never be the same again after having kids. You won’t be free anymore” and my reply was: “Don’t be silly, nothing is going to change. We will just do everything that we used to do and take them with us and if not, then we will just leave them with a babysitter”.
However, I think I now know what she meant. It will never be the same again…. I will always be thinking about the children and missing them whatever I am doing and wherever I am… instead of being completely free mentally.

Parenthood is such an amazing experience and I must truly say that I love every single moment of it ! Being able to feel such love for someone (or in my case some-two ) is such an incredible feeling.

Anyway, going to kick back and enjoy my in-flight meal, followed by a movie now. Talk to you from NY.

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