Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bubble New York

Bubble New York was great. The venue (Cedar Lake) was fabulous. It was somewhat smaller than Bubble London but still had a lot of goodies. I, in particular, liked some of the newcomers.

Here are some pics of the best (in my opinion). Will blog about them individually, as soon as I catch up with some more work but just wanted to give you a quick preview first.

One thing though, I have to say: We need more boys' collections ! There was, as usual, mainly girls' to pick from and very little boys'... but luckily I nipped over to ENK, which was on at the same time, and managed to find some seriously cool stuff there (will show you in later blogs, along with some cool children's shops and places to visit in NY).

ps. one of the highlights of the show was to be able to meet with some really fabulous people in the industry, one of them being my twitter friend @barleyandbirch, who was showing a lovely collection of organic clothing.

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