Monday, 10 August 2009

Gifts From New York

Needless to say, I brought back a whole bunch of gifts back for the little ones from my trip. In fact, I don't seem to buy anything for myself anymore. It is ALL for them ! I did attempt to go shopping for myself but kept getting distracted by all the cute kiddie stuff instead. First of all, I don't really need anything and secondly, it is a lot more fun buying stuff for kids, don't you think ?
Books, clothes, toys, artwork, accessories... you name it, I probably got it ! However, here are a few of their favourites:

1, Dado Cubes.
Got it from Met Museum Gift Shop. They both love it and spend hours stacking them. I am amazed at how long they can carry on stacking and un-stacking them ! Just today DS figured out how to slot them on top of each other but annoyingly, he does not yet know how to un-slot them.... which means mummy has to come to the rescue (over and over again).
Amazing what a few boxes can do. Great toy that is fun, encourages creativity and improves motor skills.

You can get it from Met Museum's online store.

2, 10 Color Book by William Accorsi
Bought if from Barns and Noble on Union Square. Simple, basic and fun (for the little ones at least) book for toddlers. Bought it because I though it'd be a good toy/book to bring on the plane in a couple of weeks time, as the shapes are all fixed to the book on coloured ribbons , which means I won't have to crawl around the floor looking for them !
Was not sure how this one would go down but to my amazement, they knew exactly what to do with the shapes !!! I didn't even have to show them what to do. The instant they opened the book, they knew that they had to match the missing shapes with the ones on the ribbon !! I mean, how can a couple of 20 month old little people figure things like that out ?????

2, Baby
And finally, a girlie toy for my little DD. I am not really sure how it happened (cause I was never like that as a child) but she is so "maternal". She loves babies !! I realized this when we went to a sing and sign class a while ago and she sat next to one of the girl's baby sister for over an hour, just smilingly staring it him ...
I promised myself not to "stereotype" the little ones (ie. dolls for DD, cars for DS etc.) but couldn't resist !
This one is from the North American Bear Company (who also makes our gorgeous plush monsters) and is super soft and cuddle. She comes wearing a top and nappies but I also bought the optional baby carrier , t-shirt, dress and shoes. This little baby has been spoilt rotten by my DD. She changes her nappy (or rather, she asks me to change it), feeds her and puts her in bed for naps. Little baby goes everywhere and "eats" everything... needless to say, her face is already getting rather dirty! Hopefully DD decides tto take her baby for a bath one day soon .....


Insomniac Mummy said...

Buying stuff for the kids is definitely much more fun! All those toys look fab.

I will go to New York one day, I have to promise myself that!

tc said...

Yes, you definitely should. NY is a great city ! I will write a few more posts about my findings in NY over the next couple of weeks, so keep on reading my blog :-)