Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Location: Cliff Barns, Norfolk

Date: 30th Oct-1 Nov

Dress code: casual during the day, scary during the night (ie. after kids bedtime).

Apparently, this Halloween people dressed up more than ever before. According to some daily newspapers, the total sales of Halloween costumes in UK rose by almost 30% compared to previous year.

Maybe the recession made people want to dress up and party, do something unusual to cheer themselves up ? Anyway, that was the reason why I decided (apart from it being DHs b-day of course) to throw a party and properly dress up in fancy dress the first time ever !

It was quite an ordeal to sort out and organise but well worth the hassle (queued for almost an hour to get in to Angels in Shaftesbury avenue to get my outfits).

It was an amazing weekend ! The venue was beautiful and very well managed. Open fires, fantastic kitchen and stylish, yet comfortable decor..... a bit of a shame about the weather cause they also had a lovely courtyard with jacuzzi and sauna but we had so much fun indoors so was fine anyway. Fab venue for a party, sleeps up to 20 people but can cater for up to 120 people... apparently.

Ps. Check out the baby monitor.... cool party accessory, isn't it ?! Well, had to make sure I got to kids first if they woke up, before they stumbled into the party, which would have seriously freaked them out !
I had never used a baby monitor before as my home is all open plan so no need for them and found it slightly strange to be listening out for my kids through a "device". Not only did I find it strange but I actually "obsessed" about it, as I was constantly making sure it was still working and within range.... Thank god I am now home and can return it to my neighbour ! Would never get anything done between checking my e-mails, facebook, twitter AND the baby monitor !

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