Friday, 6 November 2009

The Snowman - The Stage Show

A very dear friend of mine bought me a copy of The Snowman when we went to a contemporary dance performance together recently. She got one for her daughter, who is just a few weeks older than my LOs, and one for the LOs. She was convinced they were all ready for a bit of theatre/dance. Her DD watches the whole swan-lake production on tv without getting restless and bored ! My DS manages to sit still (he is a boy after all...) in front of the square box for quite a while but DD's attention span is close to zero. I wasn't convinced the LOs were "ready" for this yet ..... but how wrong I was !

Since I first showed it to them about a week ago, they have been completely obsessed by it. I mean properly obsessed ! They ask (signing snow-man or penguine to me) for it the moment they wake up and can sit and watch it all day long, over and over again. Yes, even DD !!!

I don't normally allow them to watch TV very much but then they have never been as persistent in watching anything as this EVER !
I know it is not good for them to watch TV all day but it is so hard to resist putting it on, as I know they really enjoy it. Especially when they get up and start dancing. It is absolutely hilarious watching the two of them attempting to jump, spin and turn.

What is your opinion about TV-watching ? Is it good ? Bad ? How much is too much ? What is your child's favourite program ?

Watch a snippet here. It is a lovely show, although I must admit that I am getting a bit bored of it now.... having watched it about a hundred times since last week !

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