Thursday, 12 November 2009

Book Trashing Must Stop !

What is wrong with my kids ???!! Or rather, what did I do wrong ??
I recently went to my friends house with my LOs for a play-date and I discovered that book-trashing is not "normal" ... I always thought that it is something that ALL toddlers did , until I watched my friends DD read her books like a book should be read. Wow... so it is possible for toddlers not to trash EVERYTHING (especially books) in sight, I thought and decided I should try and suggest this new idea to my LOs....without much success.

Your immediate responds may be that I shouldn't leave books around for them, so they can't trash them but they love reading, which is a good thing, so i really don't want to deprive them of that...
I used to have a special shelf for their special books that they couldn't get to but with them being taller and stronger, even those aren't safe anymore !

I do try to teach them to be gentle and careful with their books but they just don't seem to get it ! They seem to think that flaps are for tearing and cool textured pages are for ripping.
Yes, I have tried board books too but they seem to really enjoy the challenge of tearing these hard-wearing and supposedly toddler safe pages.

Tell me that my LOs aren't the only ones that do this... please, or are they ? How did you teach yours better book-ethics ? Or maybe you never had that problem ?

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