Thursday, 12 November 2009

Westfield Shopping Centre

For once, we managed to get the LOs ready to go to swimming class early today... only to discover that class was canceled ! So typical, the only time we managed to get there not only on time but actually early !

So what to do ? All of a sudden we had an empty slot in our schedule.... its cold, a bit wet, its early in the day.... Oh I know, let's go and check out Westfield Shopping Mall, which is just around the corner ! Never been a fan of big shopping malls (apart from Ala Moana Shopping Mall in Honolulu, that one I love...) but seemed like the "perfect" thing to do today. So off we went. Should I be excited ?

Oh yes, it actually turned out pretty good. First of all, the car-park was huge. Even I could find a spot where I could comfortably park (ahem, I am not very good at parking...), which means less stress already. With no pram with us, we were sort of dreading the walk around the mall but to our relief, they had these funky trolleys/cars for hire for a couple of pounds (they even have double ones but happened to be all out when we arrived) . DS was especially thrilled !

Not being much of a shopper, I ended up dragging DH and LOs around all the kiddie-stores (for research purposes....mainly) and .... I didn't find much. It was all rather nice but predictable.
LOs being rather bored with my "research" fairly soon, got very excited when we found the playground and a fantastic playground (for a mall) it was !

So, if you are bored one day and feel like doing some shopping, head to Westfield. You can do your thing and then after, you can get a treat for the LOs and let them play too.... to make you feel less guilty for dragging them along shopping.

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