Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Oh Dear, What a Week !

January blues , is there really such a thing ? I had never heard/thought of it until earlier this week when my friend talked about it and apparently last Monday, 22th Jan 2010, was officially the most depressing day of the year , namely Blue Monday. Can not remember exactly how they managed to calculate it but had something to do with debt, broken new year resolutions, dark and cold days and a few other things that I can not remember but made sense when I read about it.
Read more about it here.

My terrible week all started with the fire in the LOs room. Since then, literally "everything" has been breaking in the house. It got to the point where the LOs favourite words now are "It's broken" as they hear it so often.

Honestly, one thing after another...the wall light in the living room,bathroom light, stereo, computer server, plates, DS' tooth brush (which is supposed to be playing music through the vibrations on the teeth), the mop, the printer, the toilet flush handle , the stapler .... and that's not even mentioning the books and toys that got broken "by mistake" by the LOs and all in just under a week !

What's next ??? Will it all change next week when we are no longer in January ??! According to the Chinese horoscope, I will have a very difficult year ahead of me... full of problems and my DH is supposedly to be tempted into cheating on me with someone that he may actually fall in love with !!! Chinese New Year is on 14 February. Oh dear.... not sure I want to start the next year or not !

Wish I could just hibernate for a couple of months (or maybe a year ?!), until spring is here and hopefully with it some good fortune will arrive.

How is your year so far ?

PS. I am not complaining, just finding it unbelievable how so many things can break in such a short time !

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