Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fire Alert !

Just a quick warning ! Check that there is no rubbish/toys/paper behind or in your radiators now !

Our house is always really warm and we have never had to use the radiator in the children's room. The fuse , as well as power was turned off and have always been, until yesterday when the LO's somehow managed to turn both on. I have no idea how, as the radiator is located behind a sofa, along with fuse and power button....

DH and I were both working downstairs when DH asked me if I'd left some matches upstairs with the kids, because he could smell smoke coming from there. Of course not, I said, slightly shocked that he would even suggest I'd do such a thing ! He ran upstairs to check, and there he found the radiator in flames, as well as the sofa and the LOs just inches away from the fire watching it whilst signing to each other "hot" and "dangerous" !

Luckily, we managed to put the fire out very quickly.
Radiator was taken out immediately and we are planning to take all of our radiators out, as we don't use them anyway.

Very scary.
It could have been VERY serious but luckily LOs weren't hurt and there wasn't too much damage.


Soph4Soph said...

OMGosh! that must have been so scary for you all.
Thank god 'N' smelt it and came to the rescue!
bless the kids too, for signing "hot" & "Dangerous" what amazing kiddies!!! :-)

So glad it didn't turn to anything more dangerous. a good idea to remove all the radiators too. So much better to be safe than sorry

tc said...

Definitely better safe than sorry ! But thing is, I am so paranoid now... I could smell neighbours burnt toast earlier and I was convinced our house was burning down!

SkylarKD said...

Goodness!! How scary! Thankfully you had a quick-thinking husband with a good nose!