Monday, 11 January 2010

Guilt-free me time.... What is that ?!

With the excitement of Christmas and New year gone, I am feeling positively drained. Completely exhausted ! A weeks holiday on a sunny beach all by my self.... I wish ! Forget a week, I don't even seem to be able to get an afternoon or even an hour to myself !

All too often I read a blog or an article somewhere about the importance of spending some "me" time every now and then and each time I read them, I get a sense of longing.... a sense of longing to be on my own, doing my own thing, being my own self.... no demanding children ... or husband. Just for a day, an afternoon or even just one hour ! This is according to the aforementioned blogs/articles how one can make sure to achieve a little bit of me time every now and then:

-First of all, choose an activity that you want to do and love doing. If you love what you do and feel that it gives you real "value" for your time, you are more likely to stick to it.

-Plan your day around your activity, not the other way around. Make sure that you plan in time with kids and housework, so that you know they wont be neglected by you spending some "me" time. This should help you feel less "guilty" about having a good time.

- If you find it hard to prioritise your "me" time, start with spending only 15 mins or so painting your nails, reading some trashing magazines, or just sit and have a cup of tea. Eventually, when you may want to increase this to 20 to 25mins and so on.

- Make sure everyone knows you are having some "me" time planned and make sure they respect your plans and stay out of your way.

- First thing to remember is, you are a woman and an individual, as well as a wife/mother. Second thing to remember, It is ok to spend some time away from your chores and children, they will both still be there when you get back.

Good luck and have fun being "you". I must be off to tuck the little ones in their beds now, before I start doing the dishes and tidying up.... and then do some work.

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