Thursday, 24 December 2009

Unicorn Theatre/Story Deli - Christmas Eve

Being used to celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve in Sweden my entire life, decided to do something special today, in waiting for Christmas celebrations to start tomorrow in UK.

Treated a bunch of our friends and our LOs to a theatre visit at Unicorn theatre as a christmas gift. It was amazing and truly magical and I was so glad to be sharing something special with my dear friends and the LOs special little friends.

For those of you that have not heard of Unicorn theatre, it is a theatre dedicated to young people with over 600 performances a year, as well as events, workshops and other theatre activities.

The show we went to see was called "What a Wonderful World". It is about the creation of the world... beginning with a dream. It is a highly interactive performance where the children (aged 2-5 yrs) are invited to join in and be part of the performance.

Every child was given a creation bag, which contained a dream, a bird, a snowball etc. which were used as part of the show. The LOs took part in creating dreams and giving other people part of their dreams, they created an ocean, they made fire and they caught stars during the 40mins performance which also included storytelling, song and music.

It was a magical first theatre experience for the LOs (and big people too ! )... just a shame they probably won't remember it when they grow up.

Another top recommendation of the day is a pizza restaurant/cafe called Story Deli on 3 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, Bricklane, a short drive from the theatre.

I usually don't like eating pizzas due to the high wheat contents but the base of these ones were more like crispy flat-bread, topped with the most delicious toppings. Food fabulous, wine super but what makes this place very recommendable is the child-friendliness of the place !

As we arrived, with 3 excited and overtired toddlers in tow, the owner (I assume he was) of the restaurant pulled out boxes full of toys for the LOs to play with. I tried to keep the toys somewhat contained and even suggested that we should let them play in a corner somewhere, away form the main floor area but the said owner insisted they play where they were and told me to just let them do their thing and that it is a pleasure having children playing there. I did as I was told and sat back, enjoying my lunch. I wish there was more places like this, then eating out with the LOs wouldn't be so stressful !

Not the Christmas celebration I am used to but what a fabulous day it was and the good thing... I still have Christmas left to celebrate tomorrow !

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