Friday, 12 March 2010

Blue Butterfly Flooring

I am very excited about this new product that I found recently.

It is a magical range of rugs, table mats and welcome mats created by Emily Campbell, an established artist who has created work nationally, as well as internationally.

There are three designs in each product range, Mini Beasts, Furry Beasts and Sealife Story.

I first came across BBF when I received one of their Furry Beasts table mats as a gift. When I heard it was a printed table mat, I expected a rather standard sheet of printed vinyl. .... but was pleasantly surprised.
The texture was lovely and soft, more like a faux-suede than a vinyl and the print on it was rather striking (in this case consisting of furry animals like rabbits, mice, goats etc. and ladybirds on a lovely, bright background of grass and beautiful flowers.).
It is supposed to be stain/water resistant and can just be sponged clean. I let the LOs put it to the test and as expected, they made a right mess of it very quickly. Water was spilled on it and there was pen-marks all over it.... but no worries, as it all came off with a gently rub with a damp cloth.
Fab ! I wonder if one can use it for upholstery.....

See the full range of table mats here.

I am expecting to receive one of their rugs in the post very soon, so if it passes the test of the LOs, we will soon be stocking that too.

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