Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sick Day 1

My body finally said : no more !

The past couple of months have been MANIC ! I was working 24/7 and when I wasn't working, I would try and spend some time with the kids and make sure they were ok. As the LOs are getting older and way more active and inquisitive, I am finding it increasingly hard to work efficiently during the day and tend to do most of my work in the evening, which means that most nights I don't get to go to bed until way after midnight.

Been having a sore throat for a couple of weeks (usually my first sign of getting run-down) but managed to hold it off until last night ... when I finally felt that I got most things done. Not all, but most.

Took a day off to only look after myself and be with the LOs. Although I felt terrible, I really enjoyed not thinking about work and 100% enjoy the day.

It was a wonderful day and should be repeated more often. I think the LOs could sense that I was all calm and not stressed and behaved unusually calm themselves. They played so well together after we got home, no fighting, no biting, no screaming which allowed me (not only did they allow me to , more amazingly, I allowed myself to... pretty much for the first time since the little ones were born) to have a nap before dinner !

Ps. We went to Dinosaurs Unleashed on Oxford street. The idea of it is good but in reality, it really wasn't all that. Besides, my LOs may have been a little young to enjoy it. May have been better if they were at least 3-4 years old if not even older. DD basically kept her eyes closed, hiding on DHs shoulder the entire time we were there and DS favourite part was to play with the sand at the excavation station. Honestly, we didn't need to pay £15.50 a head for him to play with some sand !

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