Thursday, 18 March 2010

Quality Time and A Spot of Retail Therapy

I still haven't recovered fully from minor exhaustion/cold so took a few days off to concentrate on relaxing and spending some well-needed quality time with the LOs.

The weather has been absolutely glorious in the past few days, so we have spent most of our time out and about doing nice things....which of course also meant a spot of shopping for the LOs. With all the fab stuff at Monsters and Munchkins, I very rarely buy anything for the LOs from other shops anymore but every now and then, I do find some stuff that I "need" that is not available in our shop or that I buy on impulse.

Good impulse/necessary buy of the week, is an Adjeco fishing game that I picked up from Trotters on King's Road the other day before meeting a friend for coffee. Very simple, a couple of fishing rods with magnets on the end of it and 12 magnetic sea creatures. Kept LOs entertained almost the entire time I was chatting with my friend. Will definitely bring it along to other coffee meetings again. Anything that can entertain the LOs (especially DD, namely Miss Fidget) for more than 10 mins is a necessity.

Second "necessary" purchase, is two little Mini Micro Scooters from Peter Jones. This could be the only way to get anywhere fast without the buggy when I have the LOs with me (which is pretty much all the time) .... It is going to take them some time to master, which is good, as it then gives me some time to figure out how I can get them to go in the same direction as each other. Here a little snippet of one of DS's first Scooter practices.

Share with us what "necessary" purchases you have made recently...

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