Sunday, 28 March 2010


My LOs love Playmais ! I first discovered it last year in Tokyo when I was there for Playtime Tokyo but the LOs were too young to appreciate it then. So now, when they are a bit older, I can finally let them play with it. .

Made out of maize-starch and natural colouring, it is 100% natural and relatively mess-free. Like most/a lot of mums, I like to make things with my LOs to "occupy" some time...but I always dread the mess most arts & crafts projects creates. So this is a very nice alternative. No glue,paint, glitter and other messy stuff necessary, just some Playmais and a damp cloth. Great !

The box comes with (supposedly) easy to follow instruction on how to build various things but I think most of them are too complicated, even for me, so I tend to just let them do free-play with it. DS loves building "towers" with his and DD just likes to randomly stick them on a piece of paper... but either way, it keeps them entertained for quite a while AND it is rather easy to clean up.

Designed and entirely made in Germany. Great product. Innovative, creative, fun ... and environmentally friendly. Great stuff.

I went through a few websites, incl. Playmais's original website but this site seems to be the most informative one and it is now widely available in the UK.

Have fun !

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