Thursday, 6 May 2010

Elephant Parade 2010

The Elephant Parade is an event where 260 life-size baby elephants have been created to raise awareness and funds for Elephant Family, a small but hugely ambitious charity working to save Asian elephants from extinction in the wild.

These life-size baby elephants are dotted throughout London... many in obvious places but also many in more obscure spots that serve as wonderful surprises.

The LOs (in particular DS who owns a very well cuddled elephant snuggie) are fascinated by elephants so decided to embarque on a short elephant search today. It was amazing when we found the first elephant in Hanover Square. They both rushed to the elephants and gave them a huge hug around their legs.... Very sweet !

We managed to find about 10 of them before it was home-time. have promised them to continue our search soon... but next time, I will have to get a bit more organize and bring a route map (which you can download here) of the elephant trail. Can't wait to begin another search ASAP. Let's just hope weather stays nice for a while now !

If you can not buy the real thing, which will be auctioned off at the end of event, there is an online shop where you can buy miniature versions of some of the many amazing creations. See here.

Please, if you have seen any ones that you particularly like, let me know where they are !

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