Wednesday, 23 June 2010

First Day of Nursery

The LOs finally started nursery part time last week. I was excited knowing that 3 times a week, I will have a few hours of dedicated work/me-time in the morning but at the same time I was a bit worried about the LOs settling in and being able to fend for themselves.

DH and I went to drop them off together. All other kids were happily playing outside the nursery (in fact a churchyard, which I think is slightly eerie.....). When we arrived, the LOs ran off to play with the other kids almost immediately and we thought: Is that it ?! That was easy !

But no, that was not it at all... at least not for DS (DD was absolutely fine and had already made new friends). We said our good-byes and were about to skip out of the nursery/church gates when we all of a sudden heard DS's heart-breaking cry. OMG, that was horrible ! The headmistress told us to just go and re-assured us that he will be fine. Reluctantly, we left. Very reluctantly.... I felt like such a horrible mother, abandoning my child under such distress !

People talk about how hard this can be, but I did not think it would happen to me/us. The LOs have always been very independent and happy to be away from us.... or so I thought.

First day, apparently DS screamed/cried for 1,5hr solid. Second day 1hr 15mins. Third day less than 1 hr. Today DH dropped them off and apparently they did not seem at all bothered. Was saying to DH that maybe he should be doing the drop-offs every morning from now on, as it seems less traumatic for them.....but not sure how much he liked that suggestion !

How was your first day at nursery ? Did it take a long time for your child to settle ? Did you stay with your child for a time before leaving them ?

Ps. received an e-mail from the head-mistress this evening telling me how well the LOs settled in and how well they are doing but still, I am not sure they can manage without me yet..... or is it just me who can't manage without them ??


Snaffles Mummy said...

oh, its so hard isnt it. My little one used to sob even in the car when he realised where we were going. Whats worse is that I leave so early for work that so I coundlt be there to console him.

Nursery always said he settled within minutes of being dropped off but it doesnt seem like it at the time.

HOpe they are loving it at nursery.

tc said...

Apparently they are all settled now, which is great....but nevertheless, I still would like to go and "observe" class soon. (Headmistress thinks I should wait until after the summer hols.)

On the other hand, I have already noticed some positive changes in the LOs (especially DS), so I know for sure that it was the right thing to do, sending them to nursery now rather than later.

After all, I know I am privileged (in my mind anyway...) that I have spent 24/7 with my LOs for the last 2,5 year and managed to work alongside that/them until now.