Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Book Club - The Shack

As many of you SAHM,WAHM or just mums/parents to young children in general know, finding a moment to yourself and just do something for yourself that you enjoy doing is sometimes quite tricky.... and very often neglected.

So when my friend/ex-neighbour suggested that I should join the book club that she was about to start with some fellow friends of hers, I was excited at the same time as being a bit worried that I was "taking on too much" (with two little toddlers, a few business to run, a social life to maintain, husband to tend to, sleep etc.) .... after all, I haven't had the chance to even read an entire magazine or newspaper in the past few years, let alone a book ! Hesitantly (although excited), I said yes.

Just came back from our 1st meeting and it was fab ! A bunch of lovely ladies, delicious tomato soup (will try and get recipe ASAP, as it was THAT good..... ), a bit of wine and some very interesting/ literary/spritual/fun/refreshing conversations.

The book we chose as our 1st read was "The Shack".

Its about a man in Northwest America, who everyone calls "Mack".

The story begins with Mack getting a note from who he believes is God, or Papa as his wife calls him. Which then consequently leads to him embarking on a visit to "the shack", which is where the police found Mack's kidnapped and murdered daughter Missy's dress nearly 4 years previously. Her body was never found.

This book is about Mack's conversations with God, who manifests it/him/herself as Papa; a happy African American woman who loves to cook and listen to hip hop, Sarayu; an Asian woman and Jesus ; a middle eastern carpenter. Together, they try to heal Mack from the "Big Saddness", which is the sadness he has let loom over his life since the disappearance of Missy.

Interesting and thought provoking.... and every now and then also surprisingly light-hearted and funny.

Have you read this book ? What were your thoughts on it ? Was there any parts of the book that you found especially interesting/good/bad ? Please share with us.

If you, like me need a nudge to start reading again, maybe you should join me in our virtual book club ? Every month, we (please send suggestions to, subject:book club) pick a book, read it and discuss it here. What do you think ?? Are you in ?

Next Book: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Click here if you want to buy the book.

Ps. Can't believe that I actually managed to find time to finish a book ! Would never have managed, had it not been for the "pressure" from the book club. Look forward to reading many more books.

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