Friday, 9 July 2010

Aqua Sheko - London's First Fish-Therapy Spa

Tired feet full of dead skin and calluses ? Yum, yum ... says the fish.

Garra Rufa is the breed of fish that we often refer to as "Doctor Fish", mainly found in Turkey and the middle east and they love nibbling on dead skin cells (making your healthy skin nice and soft) !!!
Although these fish have been used to alleviate skin conditions, such as psoriasis, in Turkey for many years, it wasn't until the past few years that other countries also discovered its benefits.
Now, there are so called "fish-spas" in many parts of the world. The first one just opened in London a few months ago, a few minutes away from Kensington High Street.

Aqua Sheko is not very big but its orient inspired decor is cool and sleek.

Treatment started with a quick foot-wash, before we got shown to our seats to begin "the feeding".
I managed to, after a couple of minutes of just staring at the hungry little fish, very reluctantly and carefully, put my feet into the aquarium. It was the weirdest sensation EVER ! I don't even know how to accurately describe the feeling... apart from that it felt weird and very tickly. I could actually feel their little teeth nibbling away on my feet ! It was a very strange but nice sensation and actually quite soothing and relaxing too, once the initial shock was over.

We ended the 25 mins long "feeding" session with 15 mins heavenly reflexology. It was amazing and my feel felt the softest they have been for many many years. I made another appointment for next week ...

Have you ever been to a Fish-spa ? What did you think ?

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