Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ham House and Gardens

London is amazing when the weather is nice. Lots of lovely parks and play-grounds to go to but the only problem is, it gets so extremely crowded !

Wanted to go somewhere nice and quiet, but yet not too far away from London. Browsed through the National Trust (which I recently became a member of) catalogue and settled on going to Ham House and Gardens. Reasonably close and amazing looking.... at least from what I could tell.

The main building , which dates back to early 17th century, is very impressive and so are the extensive gardens !
In fact, we spent so much time exploring the gardens that we actually didn't get a chance to go inside the house before they closed. Actually, that is not strictly true, we didn't only spend time exploring the gardens, we also spent a considerable amount of time at the cafe, where they served basic sandwiches, as well as home cooked food. A children's box, incl. sandwich, juice, dried fruit and mixed fruit was also available.
There was a bunch of toys available on the lawn by the cafe, which kept the LOs happily occupied so DH and I could just sit back and relax for quite some time.

We had a very nice and relaxing family day out. Will definitely come back again.

Ps. Finished the day with some ice-cream and a walk along the river. What a great way to end the day !


Hayley said...

I <3 Ham house and as its not that far away from us its one of our favourite national trust places to visit as we are also members, the gardens are just stunning and so fun to explore arent they!

tc said...

Aw, you lucky ! If I was living around there, I'd definitely go hang out and play with LOs there a lot !