Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sorry, No Strawberries This Afternoon !

I have such fond memories of going strawberry picking with my family when I was a child. There is something so wonderful about it, so special... but yet so "basic". I still remember the sweetness and the taste of the strawberries that I picked ! The ones that you buy at the supermarket are just not the same....

Needless to say, on such a fine day as today, I wanted to share and relive this experience with my own children and coincidentally the LOs absolutely love strawberries so seemed a perfect plan.

Looked up Pick Your Own Farms online and decided to go for Parkside Farm in Middlesex.
Over an hour's drive from where we live but worked out well, as LOs napped all the way there. They were so ready for some strawberries when we finally got there.... but there it was, a huge sign saying : Sorry ! No strawberries this afternoon !!!! What ?! That's not possible.... and why did I not think to call before hand to check ?!!!

Well, never mind, we were already there so may as well go in.. There was no strawberries (sadly) but still plenty of other things to pick.

We picked plenty of green beans, a box of black currents, some spring onions... Really wanted to get some spinach and beetroot too but by the time we finished picking beans, the kids were already getting a bit tired and very hot so we headed out instead. We had so much fun and actually, we did manage to find a few strawberries too ! They were are yummy as I remembered from when I was little. Shame there was hardly any left to pick at all but at least we all had at least one or two to taste.

Ps. They have some trolleys at the entrance which are meant for carrying the harvest, but next time I go back, I will definitely take one of them to get the LOs around ! It was a bit too hot for them to walk around this rather big farm and pushing a buggy between the rows of vegetables would just have been a bit too difficult.

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