Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Child-Abductions Everywhere

I have been feeling a bit uneasy about the possibility of my (or anyone else's for that matter) LOs getting abducted since I read "The Shack" ( begins with a girl getting abducted. Body never found.) recently .

I am not sure why but this subject seems to be on a lot of people's minds at the moment, seems like everyone is talking about it.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I received a text of warning from a friend saying that there has been a few attempts of abductions in nearby Clapham Common. Made me feel slightly worried. Then a few days later, an e-mail with similar warning came through from some mums at LOs nursery. Now feeling even more worried.
Then logging in to Wandsworth Mums forum a few days later, another similar warning came up with a similar story but different location.
What is going on ?! Can this really be happening in so many places at the same time ?! How worried should I be ? Do I dare to go out with LOs to play at all ??

The scariest and most frightening story of them all was told to me by my nanny. Apparently, it happened to her other employer's friend.
She went shopping in Peter Jones (London department store on King Road, for those of you that are not familiar with it) recently and only left baby unattended for a few seconds to look at something. When she turned around, the buggy and baby were gone ! She immediately contacted a member of staff and all gates and exits were closed off immediately.
They eventually found baby out of her buggy in one of the bathrooms. Hair had been cut short and clothes had been changed, otherwise unharmed.... thankfully !

What really creeped me out hearing this story was:
1, I frequently go to Peter Jones and it has happened a couple of times that I have lost sight of one of the LOs amongst the shelves, usually only for a few seconds when they re-appear on the side of the shelves but still...
2, The fact that the little girl's hair was cut and clothes changed. This shows that it was not an opportunistic baby snatcher, he came prepared...
3, The fact that it could happen to me too... so easily !

Told a friend this story earlier today and look what she found here . OK, maybe it didn't happen after all but still maybe it did... There are so many sickos out there ! Even just the thought of it makes me feel a bit nervous because, what if ?!

These things do happen and will continue to happen! In fact, someone actually did try to abduct me when I was a baby . I was only a few months old and could just about able to sit up. My parents went to visit some relatives in a block of flats and as the flat was quite small and they were just stopping by for a few minutes, they let me play just in front of the door, thinking it was safe. They themselves were just by the door having a quick chat. A couple of minutes later, they turned around expecting me to still be in the same place as it wasn't like I could crawl or move around yet... but I was gone. They looked around all over the place but could not find me. Police was contacted and the area and building was closed off and searched. They found me several floors up, happily playing on the floor. I could never have made it up there by myself. Someone must have taken me up there and just dumped me. What if ?

Although I agree that we should keep an eye on our little ones at all times, there are times when you (well, I do anyway - bad mummy) do loose sight of them in and around playgrounds. It is quite tricky keeping an eye on more than one child at the same time 100% of the time... Should I just stay home and not go anywhere, just in case there is a weirdo out there ? Do I have to put reins on the LOs, just to be sure they are next to me at all times ? You should train them to stay right by you, I hear you say... this I find is easier said than done. They are both 2.5yrs old and sometimes they just don't listen ! What if ?

Have you heard any stories lately in your area ? What do you do to make sure your little ones are 100% safe ? or do you think it is possible to make sure your LOs are 100% safe ??

Ps. The shack was the 1st book in our book club. You can buy it here.

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