Friday, 20 March 2009

Hairlocks and Memories - By a Father

So the day had come for the children’s first haircut. We had put it off for long enough, 15 months.
Being a mix of Asian and Mediterranean they were born with a good head of hair.

We booked them in at a new children’s hair salon called Tantrum on Kings Road, London. As a first haircut you are offered locks of their hair in a box and a photo of the occasion.

It was my intention that both Children would have a trim and not a ‘cut’. Once in the salon I was tempted into giving our Son a Mohawk. So we all debated if we should or not and agreed it was the style of choice.

The stylist started cutting away and all was looking promising. Now, I am no expert but a Mohawk to me is a style which was well fashioned in Kevin Costner’s movie Last of the Mohicans. So I sat back and watched the ‘expert’ style away. As she did so I was transported back to the days of my visits to the barber with my father on York Road. I remember getting very excited when I would see the various styles he had displayed in his shop of cool looking dudes in black and white photos. Photos and styles I was led to believe he had and could achieve on any mane. Sadly I always seemed to leave with a short back and sides. What a fool, yet I kept going back till I was 13.

So the hair kept getting cut as squirts of water were being sprayed, then a comb, then a snip. Luckily we have been blessed with good-looking kids. Otherwise I would have had to not only collected a lock of hair but the whole damn lot and glued it back to his head.
She had butchered his hair! It was a short back and sides. Seriously, how can anyone get a Mohawk wrong? You just leave a long bit of hair down the middle of the skull………….did I need to bring in a photo?!

Being of a polite nature and not wanting to upset anyone I smiled and thanked her for a wonderful job, how British!
I doubt very much that I will return to the same stylist without pictures photos and diagrams of exactly what I require for my children’s hair.

Oh in case you think I forgot our Daughter, I didn’t, she had a trim and it looked beautiful.

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