Monday, 23 March 2009

Mother's Day Lunch Finally

Woke up early in the morning of "my day", full of expectations.... but DH did not seem to share my excitement. He was fast asleep.

I got up, gave the little ones a cuddle and made porridge for them ie. "my day" was just like any other day.
When DH finally got up, he made us all (Yes, the little ones ate again.. I honestly can not understand how these little people can eat so much !!!) a lovely breakfast after DS walked over to me with my card (whilst DD was busy pushing books to the back of our shelves). It was so sweet ! It was the 1st card that I was actually given by my child ! Ok, I know DS didn't choose the card or even wrote it but still....

I couldn't resist doing a bit of twittering on "my day", so by the time I was ready to go out, the little ones were tired and needed a nap. So had to wait until after to leave the house.... by which time it was already afternoon ! So much for a day out !

Anyway, we later excitedly ventured towards Hampstead, to go to Spaniards Inn, one of my favourite pubs in London for traditional Sunday Lunch. Food there is really good and atmosphere relaxed and child friendly. The place was jam-packed but we managed to find some seats opposite a couple of lovely ladies that let us join their table. We went through all the usual twin-banter ie. are they identical (its a boy and a girl...), who is the oldest (they are twins so same age...), Lucky you, got it all over and done with (actually, I am not done yet...) etc.

After getting ourselves organized at the table, removing everything that the little ones could break, we were finally ready to get some food and a very large glass of wine. DH went to the bar to place our order but was told that food was going to be over an hour !!!! The little ones were hungry (again !) so we left.

Back in the car to go to the village, both kids (and I) were starving. Traffic jam, screaming kids and a rumbling tummy.... Needless to say, my mood was not very good at this point !

Anyway, to cut the story short, we finally had a lovely lunch (and a very large glass of wine) at around 4.30pm at Carluccio's in Hampstead. Service was great. Kids had their crayons and puzzles, they were happy. DH was tucking into his food, he was happy. I was finally out celebrating "my day", I was also happy.

Now I have to wait a whole year, to celebrate "my day" again.

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