Thursday, 15 April 2010

Steamed Salmon with Ginger and Spring Onion

We are all sick, yet again ! Lots of snotty roses and late night cries....
We all eat and sleep well but keep getting sick anyway. Very frustrating.

A light, easy and healthy lunch to keep us getting stronger.

What you need:
1, salmon steak or fillet
2, finely chopped ginger
3, finely sliced garlic
4, spring onion
5, oil and seasoning (optional)

Put salmon in heat-proof dish, add ginger,garlic and spring onion on top. Add a few drops of cooking/olive oil, salt, pepper.

Steam for about 7-10 mins. Depending on size of fish.

Heat up a few table spoons full of oil and soy-sauce in separate pan. Pour over fish right before serving. I don't normally do this when i cook for LOs but does add a bit more flavour to the dish if cooking for adults.

I sometimes also add some vegetables under the fish to save me cooking them separately. Can be string beans, courgette, broccoli etc.

How easy was that ?! In fact, it is so easy, you can even ask your LOs to help you prepare it !

Preparation time : 5 mins max
Cooking time: approx. 10 mins.

Serve with salad, rice or potatoes. My LOs love brown rice mixed with green peas with it ....

Enjoy !

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